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Who We Are

Our soul is that still soft voice that we hear at those moments when we feel a profound sense of belonging.  The soul is hidden, within our body, but it is the essence of who we really are.  We are all searchers, yearning for connection. We can try to distract our lives with material stuff, but inevitably it won’t last long.  We wind up feeling a certain emptiness which can lead to all sorts of anxieties and depressions, and that’s one way to keep psychiatrists in business. 

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With each day of the world’s creation, there is a repetitive phrase: “it was good”. Why? Let me speculate that the world, the essence of life, of human beings , is goodness.  The problem is that this


Healthy people confront their issues; and confront them again; and again. Unhealthy people resign.


Know your emotions, yes!, be in touch with your emotions, yes!, but if your emotions alone determine your behavior, you’ll get yourself in a heap of trouble.


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