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What Is The Soul

(continued from the last twelve weeks) Q: Dr. Guterson, you talk a lot about the soul? Maybe you can help me understand what a soul is? A: Our soul, which is an actual piece of Divinity, is sent to earth into our body. In healthy individuals, the soul extends its influence throughout the body. What results then is body and soul working in harmony, taking that which is physical and infusing it with spirituality. For twelve weeks now we’ve been trying to get a grasp of what this elusive soul is all about. According to Chassidic philosophy, the structure of the soul consists of three intellectual powers and seven emotional powers. In a spiritually healthy person, intellect drives emotion. The goal of all this is the last of the soul powers, called Actualization. That is because action, actualizing things, is the main thing. Our soul’s original flash of Divinity now can find expression in the practical. Then the body, with the soul as its guidepost, can exert positive influence on the world. Action, yes action! Doing the deed, good deeds! I cannot tell you how many patients have said they feel so much better when they have a schedule, when they have a life with things to do. When I watched the Netflix series, “The Crown”, it seemed that those in the world of royalty simply didn’t know what to do with themselves. They appeared bored and unhappy. Humans were made to toil, toil for the good, and to find meaning in a life of action and giving. To be continued

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