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To my friends and patients...

I wish to take a moment and give thanks and gratitude to each of you who have sent heartfelt prayers and blessings my way during these horrific times. Your thoughts and words are so appreciated. Ultimately, we are all together here on planet Earth, all yearning to fill this world with goodness.

These days we are in a battle, a war. It is both a physical war and a spiritual war.

Physically, we need to look the enemy in the eye and root out evil.

Spiritually, we need to know, now more than ever, that each of us is blessed with a soul, a soul that is literally a piece of Divinity, a soul that is inherently good.

Unfortunately, we live in times of tremendous darkness and moral confusion.

What to do?

Try waking up every day with gratitude for the soul you have been blessed with. Take at least a little time to pray in a way to strengthen yourself and others. And then go and reach out to the world, channeling your soul toward concrete acts of kindness.

There is an amazing power in all this, as you probably already know, on both a global level and a personal level.

When all is said and done, light will prevail.

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