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Beautiful Minds

Dear Dr. Guterson: I have a friend who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I’m so concerned and scared. I’m wondering if she’ll ever get better. A: You are certainly a very good friend indeed. How heart breaking it is to observe someone as their life begins to fall apart. First, always question the diagnosis. For example, I have seen many a hospital patient who became psychotic due to marijuana use or other drugs - and over time, the vast majority of them come out of it. Issues like oxygen deprivation and urinary tract infections can induce delusional thinking - which will go away with correct treatment. Next, a physician’s work is to do his or her utmost to help those who are suffering. A physician cannot and should not predict the future. For example, a physician should never say: “based on your condition and diagnose, you have four months to live.” I know there are some people who say they want to know the future so they can gauge how to live now, but no one knows the future. Only G-d knows. All sorts of things, unexpected things, can happen and do happen that can change the course of time. The famous movies “A Beautiful Mind” and “Shine” depicted brilliant persons who developed schizophrenia and did not return to their optimal level of functioning. This is usually the case with schizophrenia. Medications can certainly help tremendously, reducing the intensity of hallucinations and delusions and lack of self care. As can a calm and loving environment. What I have most found with people who have schizophrenia is a refreshing ability to love others and an open mind to spirituality. Every person is a blessing and we cannot understand why some have more difficult journeys than others. Your friend is lucky to have you, and you are lucky to have her. Stay by her side, as I’m sure you will, and your own life will continue to be a blessing. ...

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