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A Personal Sharing

This coming week will mark 49 years since I almost died. 

In January of 1975, when I was 20 years old, somehow the blood supply to my appendix got cut off.  As a result, my appendix ‘died’ inside me and in no time my body went into septic shock.  The doctors told my parents that they were not sure if I would survive surgery.

Sure enough, my blood pressure fell to zero during surgery.  And then, post surgery, I developed ARDS (Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome), a condition in 1975 that 80% died from.

But, thank G-d, I was given the blessing of life, and now it is 49 years later.  Obviously, there is much to write about all this, the details and miracles that happened during those days in 1975, but I will leave that for a different day.

The gratitude that I have for the doctors, for my parents, my siblings, my friends, during this time has never been forgotten.

When one comes close to death and survives, the question to ask is: what am I needed for?

I believe this is a question we need to ask ourselves every day, and then put the answer into action.

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