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Lost In Space

Adam was 34 years old and clearly lost, lost in space.  As a single child to highly dysfunctional parents, he had become their vassal.  Their servant, enslaved to them.

This was a symbiotic relationship, a sick symbiotic relationship. His parents were too ashamed to reach out elsewhere for help and they knew precisely how to guilt Adam into running their household.  As for Adam, he was totally conditioned to avoiding life anyway.  So being enslaved to his parents was a perfect feed for him.

Yes, there were brief moments when Adam’s eyes would open up and he would dream of a life of marriage and children.   But month after month, year after year, Adam’s intense fear, fear of the unknown, fear of breaking out of his comfort zone, would ultimately win out.

“He’s a real nowhere man,

Sitting in his nowhere land,

Making all his nowhere plans for nobody.”

(The Beatles)

Finally, a day came and Adam announced privately that he had enough.  He made arrangements for his parents to be taken care by an organization that does such things.  And then he quickly bought a one-way ticket and flew across the country.

Now a free man, free at last!!  Everyone embraced him, congratulated him for his big move.   They said they would help him find work………..

….five days later Adam returned home. 

He said he got a super cheap plane ticket.

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